Over 9000 animals have been rescued by this man in Lucknow in the last 3 years

Yatendra Trivedi

In December 2012, Yatendra Trivedi and two of his friends started Jeev Ashraya with the motive of providing animals a roof to live, a necessary care of companionship and love .

Yatendra Trivedi, functions Kanha Upvan under Jeev Ashraya which is an animal welfare organization operating animal shelters and provides immediate veterinary services all over the country, to secure injured, diseased, stray, sufferer and helpless animals. The aim of his organization is to reduce the number of animal deaths caused by the poor treatment or the road accidents. The organization has rescued more than nine thousand animals till now.

The organization had to combat with lot of challenges and problems like, government funding due to enormous number of animals in his shelter home. Apart from it the cause requires a huge manpower.

The organization has approximately two thousand workers associated which includes one hundred fifty full timers who are in various departments working towards the cause. The salary of the workers and funds is managed by the donations given by colleagues, friends, relatives, and the various fund raising programs done by his organization and the government funding is completely used for the animals.

He believes that ,”The one who are suffering the most are the mute companions of ours. They are hardly noticed by the superior race which we term as ‘humans’. These innocent souls can’t be overlooked by us anymore.” His goal is to instill the compassionate feeling in the hearts of people for these helpless animals, and make them aware of the injustice involved in the usage of the animal made products. In the near future he aspires to start a cure for ox, cow and similar species which lack proper medication facilities in India.

He wants to inculcate this thought to the world, “ The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

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To contact Yatendra: 9918345671


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Shweta is a Post Graduate in Social Work and believes in contributing to the society. She has been involved in community service at orphanages and NGOs Currently living in Lucknow she is bringing the stories of change for MaStyle Care from the city of Nawabs .

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