Aambra Foundation organized “She Speaks” to bring out the unheard voices of the women

She Speaks

Recently, the capital city of Delhi witnessed the best example of women empowerment through – “She Speaks” an event organized by AAMBRA FOUNDATION, a non-governmental organization working constantly to empower women through their various initiatives at the Indian Habitat Centre. “She Speaks” is a forum where womenfolk from different strata and professional field of society come together and discuss the socially threatening incidents happening in the country with the panelists to bring out a comprehensive solution to problems related to women.

As the aim of the event is to break the walls of silence, this year it had touched various aspects for discussion. The panellists comprised of eminent personalities like Padma Vibhushan Dr Sonal Mansingh, Padma Shree Shovana Narayan, Social worker Usha Thakur, media personnel  Poonam Saxena, JS UPSC Neelam Chandra.

The event saw a brief discussion about the worsening momentum of the women empowerment in India. The audience present over also participated enthusiastically through sharing their viewpoints .The session was taken over by the Founder Director of Aambra Foundation Mrs. Vinita Sharma Bakshi, she discussed the case study of a victim who doesn’t know the way forward. The panelists highly enjoyed the seminar and were overwhelmed by the presence of the crowd to raise the issues like women empowerment.

The event was highly informative and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes shared by the speakers present in the seminar. The Founder Director of AAMBRA is always thriving to give the best future to the ladies who are still suffering from various atrocities and still quiet because of the sake of their family’s honour.

About Aambra: AAMBRA Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization, approved under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. AAMBRA came into formal inception in the year 2012   been since then it has been actively engaged in skill development and information dissemination. The Foundation has conducted several national level seminars; consumer awareness and skill development workshops; fairs and festivals from slums to the most prestigious venues in New Delhi, free of cost, towards the wider objective of women empowerment. Through AAMBROTSAVE, annual cultural festival of the organization, the foundation strives to celebrate and spread intangible human legacy which finds expression through literature, theatre, cinema, cuisine, dance, weaves and music.

Website: http://www.aambrafoundation.org/

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