This NGO started by the students of Aligarh Muslim University provides health facilities during natural calamities

Soche Foundation

Full of highly educated, sincere and determined volunteers, Soch…beyond imagination has been reaching all corners of India to help people during calamities. The founder of the organization is a team of students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The organization mainly works in the field of health and education.

Whenever any natural calamity takes place anywhere in India, the volunteers of the organization packing up their bag and baggage with relief material reach there as soon as possible. The President of the organization, Dr Mohd Saleem Khan is a student and an MBBS doctor from AMU. He belongs to a village of district Mau, Uttar Pradesh. On asking about which idea compelled them to set up the organization, he explained, “we used to remain viewers when any calamity surrounded people, thinking that if we would not help them today in their need then how we can expect them to come for our help at a time when we would be in the same situation, this was the driving factor to set up the organization.”

Requirement of dedicated volunteers is the main challenge to overcome. He says  “You will find people who will appreciate but very less who will support. Some people only come to the organization for the sake of certificate while some without commitment”.

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But, as the team went out telling people about its idea and plan for social welfare a lot of them  welcomed the organization. They not only become the members but also contributed from their pockets according to their ability. Though, some seniors criticized the idea as they had a negative thought that it could not function more than five six months. Seeing the dedication, contribution and concrete plan they too got its membership later on.

Today, there are more than 250 members continuously working at the ground level.The tag line of the organization is ‘beyond imagination’ that is to think about those who are either ignored or not taken care by others. Therefore SOCH established its first dental hygiene camp for the prisoners of district jail Aligarh. During Muzaffarnagar riots it was the leading organization taking care of the health, food and shelter of the victims without any discrimination to which religion they belong.

During Uttrakhand, Kashmir and Chennai floods, the organization provided its services in an organized manner. It distributed its members into various teams according to their expertise. It has its own team of doctors who took care of health, a separate team for distributing food and clothes, and a separate team for taking care of the victims in camps.

SOCH runs education schemes for poor children living in slums in Aligarh and its villages. It has also opened a literacy center in Shehenshabad, Aligarh.

“On asking about what makes SOCH different from other NGOs of the world, President said, “when we were in Nepal, different NGOs were working there who had come from different countries, but their workers were the employees. We have volunteers they are unpaid and they serve for social cause and self satisfaction, and not for money.”

It is confident that in coming years there would be branches of SOCH across the country as after passing out from AMU, its members would set up its branch in their districts.

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