7-Year-Old Loses Life As Ambulance Remains Stuck In 10KM Long Noida Traffic

When people were busy protesting against Jaypee builders in Noida, a seven-year-old was struggling with her life in an ambulance, which was stuck in the traffic caused by the protest.

The protest caused a 10-kilometre long traffic jam in which an ambulance was carrying a seven-year-old girl and was proceeding towards the hospital.

The relatives of the patient said that the police did not try to remove the ambulance from the jam and therefore the patient had to lose her life. The relatives were taking her from Agra to Delhi for a treatment.

The Police had filed a FIR against unidentified people for disrupting the traffic rules. Though nothing concrete came out of the protest, but a little life had to leave this world!

News Source: India Times

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