He is bringing art in the lives of the Tea Garden’s workers children in Darjeeling

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’- said a famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Amir Artist Darjeeling

People like Amir Sundas makes art available for those who don’t have a knowledge of the subject.  Sculptor and painter by profession, he resides in a Tea Garden’s workers’ colony in Darjeeling. It is noted that  the Tea Garden’s workers are the lowest paid workers in India, their daily wages amounts to a mere Rs.122. So, inevitably the kids of these workers end up in the same vicious circle of poverty and mal-nutrition, with negligible scope of learning and entering into higher education.

Amir says that as a kid himself, he did not have the resources to learn art formally even though he had a great liking towards it. As he was born in a worker’s family, the possibility of him becoming an artist shrunk. However he managed getting out with the compulsion of getting a job, and followed his interest. It became his motive to give the kids of his colony a chance to realize their interest.

Amir Artist Darjeeling1

He has been helping these poor kids of the workers  with learning the basics of art since 2010.  He said that  it was very difficult to generate a liking towards art in the worker’s and their children’s conscience. They thought it as a waste of time and resources. They hardly sent their children to the class, sending them to pluck the tea leaves was  more profitable to parents. But as time passed, a number of students rose, and their developments too was appreciating. But the number of students kept  fluctuating  as there is always uncertainty that when a child has to bear the burden of earning a share to their family.

Amir currently has 30-32 students, some of them are the kids of army officials and  professionals learning animation and cartoons  from whom he charge a nominal fee of Rs 100  but for most of them who are the workers children  the learning  is for free. He further envisages making his workshop bigger for more students and dreams of getting his students admitted to  the best art schools and colleges of the country.

To connect with Amir: 993212349

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Gunjan Rana

Gunjan Rana, lives in Darjeeling and did a Post Graduation on Rural Development. Having a flair for writing he is currently bringing the stories from the hilly terrain of West Bengal and nearby places.