These Animal Activists are changing the lives of animals in India

We all love animals and care for them but how many of us have selflessly devoted our lives for them. Read below how these animal activists are spreading love and care to animals across the country.

  1. Yatendra Trivedi- The Man Who gave Home to animals in Lucknow

Yatendra Trivedi

Along with his two friends in the year 2012 Yatendra started Jeev Ashraya that provides home, shelter and care to the stray animals and till now more than 9000 animals have been rescued through the organization.

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  1. Sandhwi Sondhi- The Girl with a Golden Heart

red paws rescue

At a young age of 17, Sandhwi started Red Paws Rescue in Delhi to help the stray dogs lead a better life. Till now she is able to sterilize 150 dogs and adopted 200 puppies.

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  1. Nirmal Biswas- Inventor of Kopar Khairaine pet lovers group

Nirmal Biswas

Being an avid animal lover, he along with his 4 friends started a pet lover group on Whats App to sensitize the people of Mumbai about the pets. Through the group, they are also able to rescue lot of stray dogs.

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  1. Amanpreet Walia- An Angel For Stray Animals


Despite facing the rejections and hatred for the street animals among her neighbours and society, Amanpreet Walia is taking care of the stray animals in her home. Till now she is able to feed 145 animals daily.

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  1. Nikhil, Vishal and KunalTrio of Brothers rescuing animals and birds

mumbai brothers rescued birds

These three brothers are indeed compassionate souls who are working hard to take care of the animals and birds in Mumbai. Till now more than 700 birds are saved with the help of the brothers.

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Latika Wadhwa

Latika is the Founder & Chief Editor of MaStyle Care. An ace humanitarian and a storyteller at heart. Latika loves to bring the stories of Changemakers with an aim to spread awareness in the society.

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    Oct 4, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Absolutely awesome work done by you guys….
    Salute to you guys and God bless you all..
    I have an Indian Star tortoise which I rescued from a place…she is female…and I have been taking care of her..if you can take care of her at your rescue house..please let me know..
    I know it’s illegal bt don’t want to give inunsafe hands who can misuse it..

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