How through Annadhan, these youngsters are providing food to the poor people on Mumbai streets


Annadhan was born from a very strong realization that we live in a country with the world’s largest population of hungry people. What that basically means is that India is home to the largest set of people in the world who do not know where their next meal will come from. The primary objective of the organization is to collect excess food and distribute it to people in need. It mainly targets the people living on the streets of Mumbai.


Launched on January 7th, 2016 with its very first food distribution in Juhu, the idea was conceptualized by Anuj Padia and Deep Agarwal during their college days and was later joined by Unati Ghind, Mukund Rajasekhar, Drashti Shah, Yashodhan Jain. As the team of 6 enthusiastic and passionate people towards the society, they officially started Annadhan. Currently, they rely on calls from individuals, friends, caterers, and restaurants. Once they get a call informing of the fresh excess food they move quickly to distribute it within a 2-hour window ensuring that the quality of the food remains fresh.

Talking about the challenges the team is facing, Mukund, one of the Co-Founder says,  “The most basic challenge we face at the moment is to reach the food as quickly as possible and the Mumbai traffic doesn’t help either. Another challenge we face is that we mostly get calls after 11 pm because that is when the majority of functions/weddings wind up .Going to collect food at that time is of no use because we have realized that the people we look to serve have already managed to arrange food for themselves by latest 9 pm and are mostly asleep by 11 pm. We feel the first challenge can be solved if we have a large enough volunteer base evenly distributed across the city. That way we can reach the food quickly and can distribute it to people within the same area.”

Being a self-funded organization is also a big challenge and the organization is looking forward to funding and volunteer help in order to help more and more people on time. With funding, the organization has plans to introduce a mobile food van, a Cold storage facility to preserve food. However, the immediate future plan is to build a large enough volunteer base in the fastest way possible so that we can feed a maximum number of hungry people in a day.

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