US Raised Anu Sridharan’s Next Drop Saving Water woes in Hubli

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As water is one of the most erratic problem in Indian cities the young woman Anu Sridharan raised in US by Indian parents is all set to solve these water related woes through her start up Next Drop in the city of Hubli where people sometimes have to stay without water for around 3-4 days . In order to solve this issue of water scarcity through the latest technology of Sms wherein through sending SMS the people will be able to access to the water provided by the government and public services Department.

Being an engineering student From US she wanted to do something for Indian citizens . Next Drop works through sending SMS alerts to more than 75000 residents in the region of Hubli by informing them about the water supply as when the authorities will open the supply through the pipelines. With this the people will be acquainted well in advance and they can fill in the waters for their use without having any problem in the supply.

In order to provide this information the startup Next Drop charge a minimum of Rs 10 to carry out the activities in a more refined and proper way. It is not only the residents who are getting benefits from this project rather the public commission officers, engineers , government officials too are gaining help as it solves the problem of locating where the water supply need is in more demand thus this helps in solving the use of each and every drop of water so that they can easily get the next drop of water in a short span of time. Apart from this Next Drop also looks after the management of water tools required by the engineers.

According to the residents of Hubli earlier it was really difficult to wait for the water in the urban pipelines sometimes they faced problems when guests arrive. The birth of Next Drop was just a college project started by Anu who came to be known about the problems through one of her friend who was researching in the area of Hubli.

Now Next Drop works on a framework of providing SMS to people an hour prior to the water supply and people are prepared well in advance.

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