BalakNama, A newspaper dedicated to, By and For the Child Laborers

Balak Nama newspaper
“When the going gets tough we get going” is best perceived by the small children who brought the concept of BalakNama, a decade ago. The whole society is raising its voice against child labors but these young lot of children are bringing the voices together for the people to know the actual reality behind their lives.

They proved that when you have nobody is there to understand you then you are there to make them understand in your own unusual way in which the whole nation can be left spell bound. These kids started the newspaper which is one of its kind and the first one in the country. Through this newspaper the plight of children are talked by the children themselves who are working in the factories, selling vegetables, picking rags on the streets, mending shoes and doing things that is not suitable at this tender age.

The newspaper is getting content in the form of story, facts, discussions and poems that is written and told by these child laborers themselves. It was funded by an Ngo based in Delhi known as Chetna who started with 35 kids and now it has more than 10000 contributors from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh.

The stories and content are looked by these children themselves. Everyday they held a meeting to discuss issues to be published in the newspaper that range from the brutal atrocity done by policemen to them to their feelings, aspirations and dreams. The cost of newspaper is Rs 1 and the cost of publishing is Rs 5 that goes for the over all development of the children who after doing their daily chores of work go to study.

Shanno, a 19 year old is the chief writer of the newspaper who pens down the stories of those who are not able to read and write but yet have a determination to make their voices listen. Through the kids it can be seen that the what Gayatri Spivak has talked in her much deliberate essay “Can the Subaltern Speak” is becoming possible. The subaltern kids have joined their hands together to debunk the rigid notions of the society who thinks that these poor kids are just meant to be at the brink of dusty margins. This newspaper is an attempt to make the voices listened that were silent for years.

If the voices of children are reaching to your ears then join hands with us to serve the children.

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Latika Wadhwa

Latika is the Founder & Chief Editor of MaStyle Care. An ace humanitarian and a storyteller at heart. Latika loves to bring the stories of Changemakers with an aim to spread awareness in the society.