Being Social-Ek Nai Shruwaat team members celebrated Valentine’s Day with old grandparents in Jaipur

being social valentine

Love is in the air!!! Love Is everywhere.!!! It is their in every form. So this valentine day Being Social-Ek Nai Shruwaat team decided to celebrate it in a distinct way. The young buds of this world cannot blossom without remaining in the shade of their blessings. The last Sunday became a fun day when the team members in Jaipur stepped out and surround themselves with the old souls. It was really a wonderful day. Met as strangers and became friends within no time. They danced, giggled, played games, lent ears to their “dil ki baatein”, their ‘shayriz’ their never ending emotions. They narrated their best moments their past life. They love to be here with the people like them. They all are partners of each other in this last stage of life. So they wanted to get arrested into that moment and live it to the fullest.

being social valentine dance

The team made them lived again more ‘khulke’and revived their ‘Bachpann’ and cut the cake with the beloved valentines. This filled their heart with utmost emotions as it reminded them how special they are as if it’s their birthday. At last the team members wrap up their meet by gifting Rose that symbolises love in the most honest manner. They were overwhelmed and also organised dental check up camp for them.

For them it was the best day that the youngsters were able to spare sometime for them. At last all this ponder over one thing that lucky are those who have grandparents in their homes. So love them. This time will never come. Build heaven for them on this land in their last days.

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