Bengaluru Police Auctions 2,536 Seized Vehicles, Know About It

Bangalore police vehicles
BENGALURU: The unseemly sight of seized vehicles piled up in front of police stations may soon be a thing of the past. Police are disposing of these rickety vehicles on a war-footing.About 2,536 vehicles, most of them two-wheelers, have been auctioned in 50 days.

Confiscated vehicles parked in and around police stations are more than an eye sore. They have turned into a haven for miscreants to indulge in illegal activities. In January 2017, the city police stations had 5,667 seized vehicles: 4,956 two-wheelers, 439 cars and 272 autorickshaws.

Police commissioner Praveen Sood said the plan is to dispose of all seized vehicles other than those involved in pending court cases. “These confiscated vehicles eat into lots of space and there’s no use keeping them outside stations,” he said.

News Source: TOI

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