This Sikkim youth gives lessons to tourists and local people on saving the birds

“Birds are always a vulnerable creature intimidated by human presence. Tender and fragile, it is often victimized under humane illogical rituals or sometimes just for fun. Killings of birds and habitat destruction are being a major threat to the Bird population says the Bird Enthusiast, Lakpa Tenzing Sherpa.”

Lakpa Tenzing Bird Watching

An entrepreneur, hailing from Yuksam, a majestic terrain of western part of Sikkim, Lakpa has the love for birds, its habitat and all the diversity that nature has to offer. As he started his carreer as a guide for tourists in the trekking ways of the northern part of Sikkim and Sandakphu trekking route of North Bengal, his love for birds grew. He recollects it was 2004. As time passed he was exposed to the beauty of nature  specially birds, mesmerized by the view of birds, he developed a keen interest in bird watching. But inevitably he was perplexed by the activities of human interventions that endangered birds and its habitat. He soon realized that the diversity and habitat of bird has to be preserved. Envisaging ideas for doing so, he joined an NGO and started working for awareness towards importance of preservation of birds. Then he formulated a greater plan, and he started his own Bird Watching Tourism business known as Blackbird Tours.

Bird Watching Sikkim

He says that without endangering birds and hampering its habitat, people can earn their subsistence, and out of the thankfulness, people tend to love birds too. Many tourists are attracted towards his package now, and the locals are benefitted too, as they are locals who provide food and lodging to the tourists. Youths of the area are trained and given information about the birds of the region by him, and consumed as guides for bird watchers across the world who comes here as a tourist.

While talking about what threatens the birds of the region, he says that “nothing as mass killings of birds is practiced here as in Arunachal, but still in the villages they are threatened by people with catapult, who often goes for bird hunting in leisure time, or those who has the taste for bird’s flesh. Other major threat is deforestation and destruction of the habitat itself.”

He says people were very enthusiastic when he went to workshops organized by Ngo’s who often called him as a consultant to conserve the biodiversity, they were eager to know the bird’s English name, some mimicked bird’s voice and questioned which bird it was, some asked what they ate. In a nutshell workshop like this he said was very informative for the villagers, and they knew about beautiful co-dwellers. He said when the locals and tourist knows about the beautiful creation of nature, they tend to love them and eventually, thoughts of causing them harm evades.

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Gunjan Rana

Gunjan Rana, lives in Darjeeling and did a Post Graduation on Rural Development. Having a flair for writing he is currently bringing the stories from the hilly terrain of West Bengal and nearby places.

3 thoughts on “This Sikkim youth gives lessons to tourists and local people on saving the birds

    Nov 20, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Nice writeup Gunjan.. Well done Lakpa.. Congratulations both of you..

      Nov 20, 2015 at 2:59 pm

      nice article Gunjan…I wish Lakpa gets as many people as possible to attends his lessons…?

    Nov 20, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    When passion and goodwill comes together, change is inevitable. Hope people will share the passion you have. Good luck Lakpa Tenzing. We are with you.

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