Through providing education this organization is impacting the lives of Autistic children in Bangalore

Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust Bubbles

Started as Bubbles Learning & Activity Centre in 2003 with four children in a garage space, as a small integrated pre-school in Bangalore, today it is a highly reputed and thriving centre, providing education and guidance to over 40 children with learning difficulties. Being the unit of Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust Bubbles works to make a positive difference in the quality of life of both children and their families, touched by Autism.

In order, to meet the needs of individual children it work with Subject Matter Experts to offer visual arts, music, performing arts, occupational therapy and movement therapy sessions.

Currently, there are 40 children in the school. I regularly conduct batches of “Mother Child Program” and reach out to many parents, sharing our little successes and empowering them with the Structured Teaching methodology and Facilitated communication techniques. We also help parents in the transition planning for adulthood.” Says Sarbani Mukherjee Mallick, Founder Bubbles Centre of Autism

The challenges that the organization is facing is that of commitment from teachers in the long run, lack of awareness in the community and among families, getting delayed formal diagnosis which  leads to a delayed intervention which is less effective.

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However despite the problems the organization is running several informative programmes both for the children as well as parents. It is funded through the help of donations from friends and extended family members of the students as well as the small amount of fees that is paid by the parents of the students.

Till now more than 1000 lives have been impacted through the organization and the organization has plans to expand to host a pre-vocational centre, where students learn to benefit from sustainable livelihood options.’

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PHONE: 08028465336, 09449003602, 09845557115

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