How Blue Chef is providing equal opportunities to the autistic kids


I support Foundation’s new initiative Blue Chef -a baking unit run by young autistic kids and adults is all about preparing exclusive chocolates and muffins. Started on 3rd December which happens to be the UN Disability Day, Blue Chef offers equal opportunities to these kids who are often treated as others.

The name Blue Chef is symbolically referring to the color Blue which happens to be the color of Autism. This is the first initiative in India to be run by specially abled children. Juhi Ramani, Co-Founder of I Support Foundation says “The whole idea to start this is to create awareness and employment opportunities for people with Autism, make them independent, create a platform to prove these kids have equal calibre and potential, open opportunities for them to be employed.”


Each parent of autistic adults and kids are equally concerned of them being independent like the regular kids and adults. The timings for the home delivery of the chocolates and Muffins would be 7-9PM in Electronic City initially; orders can be placed through call or whatsapp on 8197610262.

Process to Train:

ISF team is training kids and adults by assigning specific goals set for each student in the activity, sequencing the steps of the recipe (before and after baking), making a grocery list for needed ingredients, purchasing the items, cleaning up, storing leftover ingredients, making and packing the Chocolates and Muffins.

Simple things like scrambling eggs, mixing the ingredients, making a batter, putting the batter in moulding cups and trays, keeping it in oven, taking it out and packing it; it is a good tasks to work on depending on the skills of the students. Showing Recipe with pictures and instructions allow each student to follow along as the item is prepared. Visuals are a good way to help autistic students follow written directions when their reading comprehension is problematic.

While working Students looking at pictures could ask for the ingredients needed to complete a step, we choose an ingredient that would be reinforcing that he or she can have a taste of after asking so the reinforcement is more immediate. Instruction on good hygiene and safety are maintained by making them wash their hands, wearing apron, learning to wear gloves).

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I Support Foundation was started by Bobby Ramani and Juhi Ramani for their autistic brother Shivam. Currently the organization is also running two schools in Lucknow and Bangalore for autistic kids and working towards bridging the gap between opportunities and autism. Recently, they have also started a drive to aware the restaurants and food outlets inorder to provide an inclusive environment for the specially abled children.

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