Child Bride Lakshmi, Rejecting the custom by Annuling Marriage


“When I refused to go my husband’s house my in-laws threatened me to take me forcibly. But I asked my sisters-in-laws and villagers to help me, speak to the family and annul my marriage”

Strong are the words and strong was the act that 17 year old Lakshmi, a young child bride from Jodhpur took when she rejected her marriage. The marriage that was done when Lakshmi and Rakesh were one and three year old respectively. Being a victim of age old custom of marrying off the daughters at a very early age Lakshmi did not fell down to it rather raised out her voice against everyone who tried to force her to go to her In-laws house.

Lakshmi Rakesh

After knowing about her marriage as soon as Lakshmi turned 17, pressure to live at the in-laws home started increasing. Lakshmi was not in a means to accept the marriage as it was done at the time when she don’t even know what marriage is and wanted to choose someone whom she wanted to choose.

Despite getting scoldings, beatings and threatening the strong-willed Lakshmi with the help of NGO’s have convinced Rakesh that she is not going to his place and after much deliberation Rakesh finally agreed to her and became an example of voicing against Child Bride. Her in-laws imposed a lot of pressure on her so that Lakshmi agree to live with them but she approached to the villagers, her sister-in laws and a social activist who fights for child’s rights and freedom. She won her battle against this heinous tradition and also made a mark in Indian history of annulment of marriage.

Today after an year Lakshmi had finally choosen the man of her dreams and got married to him. She told that it was another moment of her happiness. The first one will always be the day when I achieved my annulment.

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