How these three Kerala Students are providing sanitary napkins to the underprivileged girls in orphanages


During the menstruation days, we all tend to feel little jittery and are more concerned towards our hygiene but have the thought ever came across your mind  that how the poor underprivileged girls and women manage the hygiene of their bodies as being deprived of the most basic sanitary napkin during the menstruating days? Forget about that menstruation is still considered to be a taboo in the society and no one is willing to help another one over the issue.

But breaking the taboo of silence Ayushi, Sara and Pritishree, the fourth year law students of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies in Kochi, Kerala started a unique initiative of CodeRed on the same thought process of providing hygiene through sanitary napkins to the ones who are not able to afford it.

It all began when they happened to visit a nearby orphanage and got the reality check that how the staff had to face difficulties in providing the detergents as well as sanitary napkins to the young girls in the orphanage.

We had a small talk with the in charge of the orphanage where she shared with us the difficulties she face when it comes to providing regular supply to the inmates especially detergents, antiseptics or sanitary napkins. We were moved hearing that especially sanitary napkins because we couldn’t imagine ourselves in a situation where we are restricted by our own biological cycle let alone these young girls at their most playful and vibrant phase of their life.” Sara told us.

This very thought provoked these three young female students to take the call of solving this pertinent problem not only in that particular orphanage but also at all the places where the women require there help for the sanitary napkins.

Initially they started posting over the groups on social media and got a huge positive response from the people around. They also spread the word among their college peers who enthusiastically supported their caused and contributed in the voluntary donation.


Just two weeks into the initiative the CodeRed Team has managed to collect more than 400 packs of sanitary napkins that can fulfil the supply of a month’s requirement of the orphanage that they have visited. Currently the team is  facing the challenge of lack of time, money and other resources like transportation and above all, lack of accessibility to the motivated people from other states offering their heart and help to this initiative.

In the near future the team would like to channelize with them and spread the word throughout the nation and reach out to help the girls in the orphanages.

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