Rang De Dilli: Colorothon Season 8 is all set to make Delhi Colourful this Weekend

The capital city of Delhi is all set to celebrate the most cherished Art festival Colorothon this weekend which is back in the city after 3 years. It is Season 8 and is kept to commemorate World Environment Day.

What is Colorothon?

Colorothon is a beautiful social concept to bring back the lost love of painting and drawing crossing all the social barriers where people from various age groups to different economic sections can come together and enjoy the art of painting. The event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 11th June 2017 at Central Park, Connaught Place from 5:00 PM onwards. From a 3 year old to 90 year old can join the event and enjoy the great Art Picnic.

Why to Join Colorothon?

If you are a fun lover, love to paint and draw, have kids and elderly then it is surely a great event that you should not give a miss. Create beautiful memories and paint together as a family. Apart from this you are a huge fan of live music and want to discover something new you should definitely visit. The best thing is the event is free of cost.

Attractions of the Event

• Live Musical Performances
• Renowned Artists Painting Live
• Expressing Yourself under the Realm of Nature
• Live caricatures with Big Canvas Walls

Catch the glimpse of past colorothon seasons:

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