Meet this Delhi University student, working with slum children to provide them with good hygiene

“We can all make a difference in the lives of others in need, because it is the most simple of gestures that makes the most significant of differences. ~ Miya Yamanouchi

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Through her amazing initiative of providing the basic necessities of hygiene to the underprivileged children Akanksha Golchha, a 20-year-old (Hons) student from Delhi University is changing the society with her efforts. Currently working as a Delhi head of an NGO “Bhavna Welfare Foundation” she focuses on the issues such as health and hygiene.

Believing in the saying that “Health is Wealth” she had lately organized an event on health. Under her motivation and guidance, her team taught the children of slum areas about how to remain healthy and also about how they can improve the quality of life by staying hygienic. Children were taught about the benefits of cleanliness and what steps should be taken to remain healthy.

delhi university student

On being asked about her inspiration she answered beautifully by saying “Nothing inspired me but the love for these kids is all what made me to take up this work. I try my best by providing all the necessities they need to live their life with fun and enjoyment“. Since the last 5 years she had been a great support for the children. From giving food to these children to providing them with good clothing she fulfilled her responsibility as a human being as food as well as clothes are responsible for maintaining hygiene. On being asked for her mantra of success she said that she is successful because she is sharing what she have.

She feels that we all should do those things that we love to do. And she is doing exactly the same. By changing the status of these poor people she is bringing a huge change in our community. “By providing these kids with sufficient needs and happiness they will become Self Independent and I strongly believes, then the society will be proud of these kids too” narrates Akanksha.

It is just because of this determination she is doing something which is worth writing and receiving blessings of thousands of people. We are lucky to have these kind of people who at a very young age are contributing to bring a change in the society. So let’s hope that people like them keep on working regularly for the change.

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Aashima Bhatia

Aashima Bhatia is a third year (Hons) student from Delhi University . She loves to work for society and had contributed her efforts to a lot of Ngos . Owing to her interest in social work she is bringing stories of ChangeMakers from Delhi.