This Amity University student is bringing out the hidden talent of children living in Children’s Home

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Durgesh Kumar Rajput, a student of Amity University understands his responsibility as a citizen towards his people. Therefore, in his final year of engineering he started an initiative of “Desi Pirates” in July 2015 with an aim of nourishing hidden talents of children living in Children’s Home.

Durgesh says, “I am a superhero with superpowers! I have the capability to bring smiles on needy faces. The reality is that we all are superheroes, we have got super awesome lives and the capability to bring change in our society.” With this belief, he has started this initiative in Tis Hazari Children’s Home(A DMRC  Children’s Home powered by Salaam Balak Trust) where along with the team of volunteers, he visits the Children’s Home every weekend in order to teach extracurricular activities and bring out the hidden potential of children in their chosen interest areas i.e. Art, Dancing, and Singing. Apart from the team is also working with children in the outskirts of Gurgaon.

desi pirates

He says he was surprised to see the enormous potential and creativity that children showed in their art classes especially the dumb and deaf ones. However, it is only because of the lack of exposure and resources that they never get the platform to express themselves. When asked to volunteers they said, ‘We found real dancing spirit in these children in spite of their having no experience and training in dance. Their dedication and desire with which they learn new dancing moves inspire us a lot.’ Children also show great interest in vocal classes, guitar classes, and harmonium classes. The volunteers in grooming category help children to read, write and speak simple sentences while indulging in their personality development through the means of games, talking to them personally about their likes, dislikes, fears, worries, etc.

Challenges were many but the strong determination helped Durgesh in overcoming all the obstacles that came over his way. He could easily convince the organising bodies of the NGO and the volunteers to believe in his idea behind this initiative. Compatibility with the kids was another issue, which required a lot of patience and a sense of understanding of the mindset of children. According to him, every child is a unique creation of The Creator, therefore needs to be dealt accordingly. Currently bootstrapped, Durgesh is working on some more plans to get funds for the initiative.

Developing common interface where kids from different schools, NGOs, Children’s Home can learn together is his long-term plan for which different sorts of participative events and competitions are organised. This initiative, in near future would surely reach out to many more children in making their lives better for themselves and for the society, as well.

Find them on facebook – Desi Pirates

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Currently in her Final Year of Post Graduation in Political Science she lives in New Delhi and has a great experience of teaching in the NGO sector. She believes its’ everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society.

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