How these 6 Indians are making a difference in the lives of the differently-abled

Due to some inspiring souls now Disability is no more a barrier for people to achieve their dreams. Alot of are working hard to make the dreams of the differently-abled people come true and can lead a life of financial independence as well as with happiness.

Through the notable works of the people listed below  one could see a marked difference  in the lives of the disabled people:

  1. Alok Kumar Bhuwan: 

alok kumar bhuwan

The dream of higher education for disabled people was seen by Dr Alok Kumar and made it true by laying the foundation of Manovikas Institute for Higher Education (MIHE) in 2010, wherein individuals with an intellectual disability are obtaining a high-quality, individualized post-secondary education that leads to social and professional networks, careers and a bright future ahead.

Students get ample opportunities for practical experience to support academic tuition along with Recognition of prior learning. The admissions are free in credit based Certificate and Diploma for employable knowledge and skills.

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    2. Bobby Ramani and Juhi Ramani:

juhi bobby

These sisters from Lucknow started I Support Foundation in 2014 to provide a barrier-free environment to autistic people. Recently they have introduced an app to facilitate the parents of the autistic children to get complete information on all about Autism and resources available for Autistic children in Bangalore, India. This application is very handy, easy with everyday use by parents to make autistic children life better.

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     3. George Abraham:

George Abrahim mastyle care

The man behind founding the World Blind Cricket Council. Over 50000 blind and visually impaired persons across India have had the opportunity to play the game over the years. This project is carrying on and more and more children, youth and adults are being touched. The game is today played in England, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Nepal. As a CEO of Score Foundation he has started EyeWay Project a single stop Knowledge Resource for blind and visually impaired people  with the object of changing lives through the power of Knowledge- comprising a National Help Desk, the website and the weekly radio programme”.

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  1. Prarthana Prateek Kaul


A former employee of  IBM  had left her Corporate job nine years back  and entered into the world of social sector. Prarthana started GiftAbled Foundation and  GiftAbled Innoventures. GiftAbled is a Social Enterprise which strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to come together to build a sensitized and disabled friendly society. They have started an e-commerce store with the products made by the Differently-Abled and for the Differently-Abled. The main objective is to create opportunities, inspire people and transform lives of People with Disability.

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    5. SV Krishnan and Sudha: 

SV Krishnan and Sudha

This couple in Hyderabad started an initiative to empower the blind people through a restaurant “Dialogue in the Dark “ solely with blind staff. Derived from the famous concept in Germany when Mr. Krishnan happened to  face the delayed flight to Atlanta and happened to stumbled into one such concept which left a profounding impact on him. To make the visually impaired people have a sustainable life the work is divided in four different fields. These people works as Exhibition Guides, Workshop Guides, Dining Guides and Café Guides. DID as its known organize Exhibitions, Educational Workshops, Dining facilities and manage Café to serve the guests. It is the soul duty of these visually impaired guides to ensure the safety of the guests who come over there.

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  1. Upasana Makati:

upasna makati whiteprint

This Mumbai girl has  started India’s first lifestyle magazine “White Print” for blind in 2013 which has completely transformed the way the visually disabled look up for lifestyle. Through the magazine these people can also share their views. The magazine includes articles from politics, art and food to the views and opinions of Blind people in the language specially designed for them in Braille language.

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