It ‘s an Earthquake: Precautions to take Before, During and After an Earthquake

earthquake precautions

Earthquake is one of the most scary and frightening natural disaster which happens due to the tectonic movements of the plates inside the earth crust. A lot of destruction and loss of lives takes place during an earthquake. An earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Ricter scale has just taken place in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in the northern parts of India posing a threat to thousands of lives.

During such circumstances through following few precautions people can avoid the tragic consequences of the earthquake.

Before The Earthquake
  • Always keep a first aid kit comprising of ointments, cotton, antiseptic creams ready.
  • Always stock food for at least three days along with water bottles etc.
  • Keep checking your house resilience for earthquake from time to time by calling a professional once a month/quarter/year.
  • Know how to switch off the gas and electricity mains connections.
  • Conduct meet ups in your neighbourhood, colony, local area on tackling the earthquake situation by calling professionals and experts.
During The Earthquake 
  • Immediately take shelter under the furniture of your home. Don’t stay near large bookcases, heavy cupboards etc.
  • Don’t panic or run on the stairs.
  • Stay away from windows and wait until the situation is in control.
  • Don’t stand under tree or buildings as there are chances of debris falling.
  • If you are in a metro train hold the iron strands tightly and also stop driving if in case you are in car and driving.
After An Earthquake
  • Go outside in open spaces as chances of lot of after shocks will be there.
  • People whose homes got damaged are advised not to enter the homes at least 2-3 days after an earthquake.
  • Help and assist your neighbours and friends in the rescue operations.
  • Don’t fall prey to any false rumours and use the stocked food and water to sustain.
  • Keep yourself informed on the news and alerts.

If, you have any other precaution in mind then do share with us to spread the awareness about earthquake.

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