Meet these Changemakers who are transforming the lives of underprivileged children through education

1. Akshai Abraham- An Angel in Disguise who is providing education to more than 12,000 underprivileged kids in Lucknow


Debunking the notion that education is all about reading texts and going to school, Akshai Abraham Set up Project Khel in 2010 for the kids of poor families, slums as well as orphanages who doesn’t have the basic amenities of life. Akshai brought the importance of games as well as extra -curricular activities to these kids through conducting literacy sessions with play. Click here to know more about Akshai Abraham

2. Vaishali Sarwankar – The Woman Who Adopted 40 Girls from Konkan to light their life with education 

Vaishali konkan

Being from a conservative family in Konkan with four sisters without a brother Vaishali had faced a lot of rejections but the boldness, as well as the sense of responsibility towards the girl child in the country, made Vaishali adopt 40 girls from the underprivileged section of society to impart the seed of education within them. Click here to read her inspiring story.

3. Salma Memon- Bringing the ray of education in the lives of poor kids


With an aim to eliminate the word underprivileged from the dictionary, Salma is working hard to bring a change in the lives of these children who are coming from the deprived sections of the society through Umeed. Click here to know about Salma.

4. Mukesh Kumar- The Inspiring Soul who Founded the “Free School For Poor”

mukesh kumar vasai
It’s not a cakewalk to rent a room in the city like Mumbai where the prices are always high, but Mukesh Kumar is indeed a fighting spirit who rent a room not for himself but for the education of street kids whom he saw begging for alms who belong to the marginalized sections of the society. Click here to know about Free School For Poor.

5. Anber Rai- A great teacher who is providing free of cost education and shelter to the children of poor families in Darjeeling

Ashadip Charitable Trust Pedong

In this busy and expensive world, there are still people like Om Bahadur alias Anber Rai who is working towards the qualitative education of poor kids. He not only provided them with education but also gave them shelter so that these kids can stay till their education gets completed. To know more about him and his project.

6. Nupur Bhardwaj- The Young Torchlight of Education for Slum Children


When girls at her age are busy enjoying their lives, Nupur Bhardwaj a young college student is working towards the cause of education for the slum children in Delhi. She started LECIN to bridge this gap that can create a big hole in the country’s literacy policies. Read about Nupur and her mission.

7. Archana Srivastava – Opening the Windows of Happiness for the slum Kids in Delhi Through Project Gavaksh

Archana Gavaksh

Through employing the art of storytelling, art as well as extracurricular activities in the lives of the slum kids in Delhi, Archana is trying to bring a positive change as well as the spirit of happiness within them. To know more about Archana and Her story click

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