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Aditi Embibe

Indian students spend on an average 35 min in a test of 3 hours just figuring out what to attempt! As astounding as this sounds, it is in fact now possible to track such issues impacting student test scores (remember, it’s not always about hard work!). Exam technique, behavioral deficiencies like low stamina and conceptual weaknesses together make up academic performance. Removing these behavioral and exam technique fluctuations leads to consistent performance where every student can fix these academic gaps. Therefore, in order to bring a change in the academic performances through bridging this information gap, Aditi Avasthi, a young woman entrepreneur started her own venture Embibe.com in 2012.

The idea stems from Aditi’s personal experience preparing for the then IIT-JEE exam during her teens. However, it is her passion for education and conviction that technology and data science can bridge the personalization gap in learning and make a big difference to learning outcomes.  She has a desire to inculcate a similar zeal for academic excellence amongst students in India which led to the inception of embibe.

Aditi had garnered experience and profound professional knowledge in diverse fields such as product innovation and mobile commerce, across 4 continents including Africa, before starting her own venture. She holds a MBA degree from the prestigious Booth School of Business in Chicago and pursued engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Through embibe, Aditi is solving the information problem in education. Information that can help students prioritise in a deeply personal way what they need to study on a daily basis to get the most academic impact from time spent. Information that can help parents feel connected to the preparation process. Information that can help teachers deliver personalised support to students.

“embibe in fact is the only platform to have visibly increased student scores consistently even with very short exposure to the product. Students across all levels of ability have actually improved their scores by 23% on an average after taking just 1 test!” says Aditi.

During the first 2 years itself, embibe have consistently demonstrated ranks in the Top 10, an unprecedented feat in the history of online education. Currently they have taken the next step to scale content to cover every ‘fixed time, variable learning’ education requirement in the country from primary to post-graduate studies.

Website: embibe

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