This 19 year old boy walked through the streets of Mumbai demanding equal rights for special children


“Every child is different. Every child is unique. Every child’s ability is a masterpiece”.

Believing in this statement Akash Kanojia has shown us that it’s time to call in the voice of the youth and treat each and everyone equally. The society usually discriminates between the normal kids and the specially challenged kids. But why is Akash focusing only on working towards the care of Special Children? What had inspired him to take up this work? Could he revolutionize the rights of treating the special children equally as usually the society discriminates between the normal and the specially challenged children. Does he feel that the status of these kids will be changed in the society? Definitely all these questions can be answered by the aspiring engineer himself.

Akash says a student should be treated on the basis of his talent and abilities and not be judged by the IQ. Just like he had discovered his talent in singing, dancing and painting he wanted to utilize these tools of powers in working towards the betterment of the special children which he credits to Atharva College of Engineering.

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As Akash quotes “I wanted to make a change from my side and since I got the chance I grabbed it”.  The 3rd year student of Engineering became a committee member of Paradigm OF Life last year, which was founded by one of the ex-students of his college Chintan Parekh. Akash along with his team members had conducted his first indoor session on the 5th of September 2014 at Sols Arc, and credits Ashish Haldar for introducing him to – A school for the special kids situated at Kandivali West .It’s main focus is on the individual development of these special kids. Akash used his multitalented skills to teach the children the recipe of making Banana and Chocolate milkshakes and also taught them art and craft by teaching them the art of origami’s with paper.

He has also conducted an outdoor session with the special kids of Sols Arc on 15th of September 2015 at Kandivali West as he walked through the streets for the right towards equality. With a poster in his hand Akash wanted to convey the message of “WALK ROLE SHOBBLE STROLL FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.”

Akash quotes “Before an Engineer I am a student and when I developed a relationship with these kids I get to take memories for a lifetime” as Akash remarks these special kids are extremely talented and should be treated equally as possible. He truely feels that the status of these kids will change if we be a good human being and get out the helping hand for them and get the change by having a selfless attitude and working towards their betterment.

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