Watch a Story of a Mother who defied darkness and Celebrate her Strength

Monica is like any other ordinary mother except the fact that she is visually challanged since birth. Through integrated education launched by National Association for the blind in India, she studied in Faith Academy till the 9th standard and then Delhi Public School till the 12th standard. She topped in Psychology in the 12th board exams.

Later on, she graduated from Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University in Political Science Honours. Post that, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in education from Central Institute of Education Delhi University. She has been working with IBM India for 11 years and is designated as a Deputy Manager in the Training Department where she imparts voice and accent training along with soft skills training.

She strongly believes that motherhood is a special feeling that brings more self-confidence and optimism to a woman. Motherhood not only makes a woman complete but also gives her an unspoken courage and empowers her.

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