How this Graphic Designer from NID created Fittle – a learning toy for Blind Kids

“Art is a form of communication that brings out the ideas and emotions of an individual”.

Tania Jain Fittle

Graphic Designer Tania Jain (NID), has brought out her artistic sensibilities and created a toy Fittle for Blind Kids. She proved that visually impaired is not a barrier for a person to feel and experience the beautiful creations of God. The toy IS specially designed for the blind kids to make them understand the shapes of the things that they learnt through Braille. Through the use of this toy the Blind kids will be at par with the kids who have perfect vision.

Talking about Fittle the idea was struck once when during a visit to Mumbai’s Blind School a young boy told her that nothing has been done for the improvement of Blinds by the country. Taking the incident as a source of inspiration Fittle was invented by the designer whose creation contributed to a great social cause towards the Blinds.

At the initial stage Fittle was just a kind of interactive platform to meet Blind people where there problems can be discussed but slowly the designer got affected and decided to start with Braille typography and finally came up with 3D creation of Fittle toy that helps blind children to feel that how an object that can be encountered from them in daily lives look like. In order to ensure that the blind child easily use this puzzle form toy sockets are designed in such a way that it will fit in the right intrusions and the blind children have great sense of touch so they easily know the object’s shape.

Another motive behind developing this toy is to enhance the interest of a blind child to study as it is observed that only 39% of the 10 million blind people learn Braille. Through the use of this toy a blind child will be introduced to the field of study at a very young age and will show interest in learning and acquiring the knowledge of words.

In the near future Fittle is going to have an add on feature of sound too so when a blind kid will join the words he/she too can hear the sound of the word that will bring the immense joy and happiness to the kids.

Hat’s Off to the designer who created this unique piece of art and to the entire Fittle team. Taking it as a source of inspiration one should also try a hand to generate something for the blinds.

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