Food Bank-India is distributing food packets to thousands of people stuck in Chennai floods

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Heavy rains have submerged the whole city of Chennai into water with people getting stuck in  their homes without having food and safe drinking water. The condition is getting worse day by day. In order to help these people the young and enthusiastic team of Food Bank–India started by Sneha Mohandoss, an entrepreneur and a part time singer in Tamil movies, are providing food packets to people who are getting affected due to the ongoing rains in the city.

“It’s a big task to reach people in this heavy downpour, but still we find our way to help the needy, we FOOD BANK members cook foods at home to feed the affected people all around Chennai and we make sure to distribute by ourself to the right hand.” says Sneha.

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Areas  like Villivakkam, Velachery, K.K nagar, Saidapet, Kolathur are still in bad conditions. The team is distributing lunch and dinner along with  bread as well as water bottles to more than 1000 people everyday. As the whole city is full of flood and water the major challenge that the team is facing is of transport and timely delivery of food. The team is looking out for voluntarily support from the people who can cook  and donate at least 50 packets  of food so that the team can pick and distribute it to the needy. This will help in feeding of more stomachs.

(Food Bank – India is the basic  concept to serve home cooked meals every week, some simple dish is made at homes. It could be a multi vegetable sambar rice, vegetable rice, variety rice, biscuits (for the children) poha, fruits, idlis and dosais. This is packed in an easy to give containers (aluminum foil, plastic containers, plantain leaves). The food is assembled in the locality or any spot and a small team takes this in a car, auto, bike or walk and is distributed to the homeless. The core team drives in and around the streets to makes sure it reaches only the needy and the homeless. )

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