Former Director of Doordarshan, Bangalore is working towards the health of rural women

After his retirement in the year 2001, as the Director of Doordarshan, Bangalore, Mr. G.M. Shirahatti dedicated his life towards teaching, because he wanted to disseminate the knowledge that he had gathered over the year.

Bangalore Doordarshan

His duty towards the society and his unstinted love for his wife aided him taking up the seldom taken road of social service. Sunila Trust is the brain child of Mr. Shirahatti, and is handled by him and his family members. It works mainly on eradicating the health concerns in the rural areas in and around Bangalore. He began with organizing free health-checkup camps in about 10-15 villages in Yelahanka, Bangalore for women for different health issues like menopause, hormonal disbalances etc and then went to publish certain books related to women health concerns and solutions.

Sunila Trust

When asked about the first step towards the journey, he said, “We did a survey on women in the transport industry, with the women conductors across all the depots in Bangalore city and found out that they are facing a lot of issues, ranging from family to work, from health to harassment. We had to take care of that.”. Through the workings of the trust, he has also connected with destitute homes and orphanages, which he aids via financial assistance and has ensured that no stone is left unturned to bring about health equity in the society.

“It is very rare to get women in transport industry, as it is tagged to be a masculine area of work. We wanted to study the concerns of these women who are often cornered by the sector.” says Mr. Shirahatti. Despite the financial challenges that he has faced with regards to absolutely no funding from any external source, Mr. Shirahatti has taken up these challenges and with the support of his family and friends, has made the trust a beacon of light for the have-nots. He has also made a bus stand in the rural area of Bangalore, to extend his support to the local villages. “The people in the villages were very supportive during the health camps, we also received help from various doctors who joined hands in this noble deed”, remarked Mr. Shirahatti, when asked about his experience.

The Sunila Trust seeks to work towards publishing more books pertaining to heath and development in the rural pockets of the society. Till date, about 400 women have been benefited through the functions of the Sunila Trust, and as you read this, the count goes on.

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