She is a ray of hope for the acid attack survivors

erum khan acid attack survivors

Erum Khan the founder of New Yuga is an extrovert with an excellent interpersonal and convincing skills.She is direct descendent of great sufi saints like  Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar and Sheikh Salim chisti.

Erum from childhood was passionate about teaching, learning, painting, and volunteering for social work. She could feel the pain of the people who are devoid of good food and living.Her core interest was helping the needy and hence she started tutoring at the age of 13. She would spend the money earned from the tutions on education and food for slum kids. Though Erum got the several opportunities to work with the government but all her social activities left her no time for a government job.

New Yuga is a group of students and professionals who contribute their time as well as money towards the underprivileged and less fortunate group of the society. It does not receive funds from any other organizations rather its members contribute some amount for the social cause. The organization is working with and in support of acid attack victims. Erum Khan also participated in world’s first calendar featuring acid attack fighters on March 8. Her special message to the government for the welfare of acid attack survivors is ,” Government should take necessary steps for rehabilitation and livelihood of acid attack victims. They should be provided with the government job. Moreover Government should create more employment opportunities for every section of the society so that at least people can fulfill the three basic needs of life i.e clothes, home, and food”.

Talking about the challenges the team is currently facing, She says,” sometimes for us funds becomes a problem but we consider it a part and parcel of life and we never let this factor to reduce our passion and motivation to work for the society. Moreover to boost confidence and courage to fight back in the acid attack victims  is also a difficult task for us.

Khan says,” The attitude of helping others starts with one’s own family “. To serve the humanity and to provide basic needs of living is the aim of Yuga. The organization tries to contribute in everything they can do for less fortunate. For Erum, her family is her biggest support system,she said,” My family is very supportive of my life and my social work. They used to keep me motivating to continue the work I am doing”.

The organization recently organised a play -EK THI NIRBHAYA inspired by 16 the December Delhi rape case. The organization is fighting for the strict laws for the convicts of acid attacks. It is also working in spreading awareness in the society to be sensitive towards the acid attack victims and their families and accepting them as constructive part of the society and towards proper rehabilitation of  victims of such attacks. Currently the organization is focusing and working towards the cause of education and women’s safety.

Find them on Facebook: Foundation of New Yuga

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