Meet George Abraham, the Founding Chairman of World Blind Cricket Council and an angel for blinds

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George Abraham, is a post graduate in Operations Research and a graduate in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Having a multifaceted personality he is a Communicator/Trainer/motivational speaker etc. But above all this he is the Founder of the great Eyeway Project. Though Eye Way Project was set up in 2003, George is working towards the cause of blinds since 1990. His love for cricket and the realization that the  sport can help develop and demonstrate ability pushed him to setup the National Cricket programme for the blind, the World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) and the organizing of the first two World Cups in 1998 at New Delhi and 2002 at Chennai. He was the Founding Chairman of WBCC (1996-2004).

Being visually impaired right from the age of 10 months as his Retina and Optic Nerves have been damaged on account of Meningitis,  his interest towards the blinds developed when Mr. Abraham says, “In 1988, my wife and I had visited a blind school for the first time. The poor infrastructure, diluted curriculum, low levels of expectation and subtend quality of personnel working in the sector made me angry. This made me feel very privileged and fortunate. I decided to work with people like me. Through cricket for the blind I had the opportunity to travel and meet people from a wide cross section of the Indian society.”

The cricket for the blind project has had a global impact. Over 50000 blind and visually impaired persons across India have had the opportunity to play the game over the years. This project is carrying on and more and more children, youth and adults are being touched. The game is today played in England, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Nepal.

As CEO of Score Foundation, he setup Project Eyeway, a single stop Knowledge Resource for blind and visually impaired people  with the object of changing lives through the power of Knowledge- comprising a National Help Desk, the website and the weekly radio programme “eyeway, yeh hai roshni ka karawan” broadcast on AIR(All India Radio) from 30 cities across the country. The Eyeway project has till date addressed over 12000 queries over the past 10 odd years. The TV programmes, radio programmes and social media campaigns have touched thousands of lives. Their sensitisation programmes have reached out to over 1000 eye doctors, hundreds of corporate executives and thousands of students/professionals across India.

Currently the challenge that Mr Abraham is facing is that of funds as he says “Funds are limited and it is a major challenge to get good quality professionals on board to deliver our services.” They are drawing funds through the Corporate Foundations, Individual donors, International Funding agencies, and as of this year for the first time the got some funds from the Govt. Awareness/ Advocacy programmes.

Mr Abraham has a lot of acclodes for his contribution towards the blind. In March 2007, he was declared as one of Limca Book of Indian Record’s “People of the Year, 2007” for his contribution to cricket for the blind and his work in Project Eyeway. He is a part of the “Aviva Forward Thinkers 2007” TV campaign. In November 2012, he participated in a TEDx event and delivered an inspiring talk.

Apart from this he has contributed a lot towards the establishment of eye centers, rehabilitation centers, research papers towards disability etc. Today he serves as a Trustee on the CBM India Trust and a member of the Leprosy Mission India Board.

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