Through Gift A Meal this filmmaker is providing food to the street children in Mumbai


There are a lot of campaigns as well as groups for the haves on the social media that indulge people in celebrating life but what about the have-nots, thought Faraz, a filmmaker by profession  during the cold winters in the month of December 2015. This thought gave birth to the successful initiative Gift A Meal for the street children in Mumbai.

Through the initiative every month Faraz reaches out to the street children with healthy food which is hygienically cooked at Faraz‘s own residence by his mother as well as their two in-house chefs. During the initial days of the initiative, Faraz single–handedly use to distribute the food to the street children through driving his car across the city. But slowly his friends, as well as people of the city, started joining him as volunteers.

Gift a meal

Faraz created the facebook page through which the images of the distribution drive attracted a lot of donors who contributed to the meal of these street children which hardly cost them Rs 100/meal that consists of vegetable biryani, cutlets, chips, chocolates etc. The donors are not just confined to Mumbai but also calls keeps on pouring from international cities for helping these kids.

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Popularly known as Gift A Meal Bhaiya among the street children Faraz remembers an incident when a small girl in Marine Drive told him that “Aapki wajahse har mahine hamara happy birthday hota hain”(It’s because of you that we are able to celebrate our birthday every month)”. This statement by the little angel touched his heart and encouraged him to gift as many meals as possible to these underprivileged kids.

Currently, Faraz is a one man army who raise funds through social media for arranging the meals, arrange for groceries and also travel across the slums and on the streets to distribute food to the needy. It’s not just Mumbai where his reach is but off late he arranged Gift A Meal in the capital city of Delhi for 1200 slum children.

Umbrella Gift a meal

Being empathetic and soft from heart Faraz organized a Monsoon Special Gift A Meal Edition in the month of July in order to provide the necessary stuff to children like umbrellas, slippers, clothes etc to survive the harsh rainy weather. He cares for these children like his own babies and bestow unconditional love in the form of distributing food to them. Whatever money is contributed is spent for the food for these children and Faraz especially invites his donors to come and feed these children from their own hand.

The August Edition of Gift A Meal is going to take place on 19 August and Faraz is collecting funds for the meal, looking out for volunteers and people to collaborate in the distribution of food.

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