A Guy Requests Guests To Gift Him Old Books As A Wedding Gift In His Invitation

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There are weddings and then there are such weddings. Prashant Mahto, a civil engineer from Chattisgarh has an unusual request printed in his wedding invitation.

Unlike other grooms, who demand for gifts like car, cash and gold, Prashant has requested his guests to get old books, which he would later on give to the needy students of schools and colleges. He runs an organisation which helps the kids in need of proper education.

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He has been running the organisation since past two years and has collected over 50,000 books and distributed them. Prashant has a team of 550 volunteers who have helped around 850 kids from different schools in Chattisgarh.

If not this, then which else could be an ideal way to plan a wedding celebration that would help others in need too?

News Source: India Times

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