Healthy Diet Tips For Working Women

Health diets

Women today are superstars both at the home and at work front. Working mothers juggle between cooking, cleaning, shopping groceries, taking care of daily needs of parents, in-laws, husband and kids being at the top most priority along with work. This leaves them gaining pounds due to irregular meal timings, lack of sleep, no exercise, unhealthy food choices. As they feel tired after such a stressful day, they can treat themselves with delicious food, which adds on to the caloric intake.

So here are some healthy eating and exercise tips for the beautiful working mothers who can also squeeze in 15 minutes of short circuit training exercises to set an example for their kids to be fit.

cereal with milk

Starting with Breakfast-brain food most important meal of the day can include fruits, nuts, something easy and most convenient like cereal with milk.

Do remember to carry your packed lunch providing you with full nutrition like Veggie or Dal paratha with curd or Brown rice Veg. Pulao with Veg. Raita. Also do not forget to add peeled carrots and cucumbers as your salad.

healthy receipes

Making dinners the lightest meals of the day by having something high in protein like pulses, egg whites, chicken, fish combining with a salad and soup. Throughout the day to keep your metabolism high eat at every 2 hours and opt for fillers as fruits, flavored yoghurt, greek yoghurt, green tea, buttermilk. On the exercise front, you can opt for circuit training workouts working antagonistic muscles with 20-second break in between for 15 minutes daily.

Try to clock 10,000 steps daily by taking up the staircase instead of the elevator, getting off a stop before your destination, keeping your bottle half filled at the desk, and getting up frequently to refill it. Walking to your colleague for a conversation, which saves the time of conversing via emails. Walk while you talk on a phone call. When home try to take your kids to the park, if time persists, you can walk while they play.

Remember that today is all you have to be fit, make healthy choices today for a healthier tomorrow!

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