How these Elderly people at post-retirement age are bringing a positive change in the society

At the age of 60 when we all think about retirement and relax these elderly are giving back to the society in their own special way. Read how a 93 year old and a 80 year old people are contributing their energies into social good.

Mrs.Barve, Shramik Mahila Mandal, Mumbai

old lady eatery shop

At the age of 93, when most of the people are bedridden waiting for their demise, this grandmother known as Mrs. Barve or Barve Mam is working hard towards women empowerment through running her eatery Shramik Mahila Mandal. Since the last 25 years she is providing employment to the poor womenfolk and now has 7 centres in and around Vasai. Read full story here

Jagdish Abuja, Mumbai

jagdish ahuja

Old age is meant to take rest and enjoy the luxuries that you have earned after great toil throughout your young years. But for this Chandigarh millionaire, there are some other plans who at the age of 80 is distributing langar outside the PGI Hospital everyday to thousands of needy people since the last 15 years. He sold away all his property to bring out the help to the needy. Read full story here

Sunder Raj, Idli Vendor, Mumbai

Idli Vendor

For a poor vendor in the country, earning two meals a day is also a challenge. But forgetting the challenge, Sundar Raj, a sixty-one-year old Idli vendor in Mumbai celebrates Daughter’s Day every Friday by giving free idlis to the children of the Government school. Being the father of three daughters he decided to keep one day in celebration for their birthday. Read full story here

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