How these four men have dedicated their lives for the sake of animals

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There were times when a human’s life was always more important than that of an animal. Now, people are realizing that lives of animals matter as much as a human’s life. So, things are moving in the right direction.” says Ditej Garg a young social activist working towards the welfare of dogs in the city of Noida.

Started working for the  stray dogs  in 2009 with a friend  inside his college campus Ditej is a person who is  feeding and caring for the stray  dogs without having any kind of financial support from anyone. Currently he is fathering 6 dogs who lives with him in his rented Noida apartment. Despite facing economical crunches sometimes  in his job as his livings totally depend upon his monthly salary  he is using his credit card to  provide good lifestyle to these animals. Apart from it he also feeds the stray dogs living  in the campus of Amity University.

The biggest challenge that he face is the lack of compassion that most of the people have towards the mute souls.  He feels that though few people turned out to be generous yet they have no time for these people. He hope to receive help from the passionate volunteers for his cause and in the future more and more people could join him in his cause of saving the stray dogs.

He could be reached at : 8800469269                                           

Kapil Bajpai – Working for the welfare of animals in Jaipur

Since 1996 businessman Kapil Bajpai is working towards the welfare of  birds, dogs, cows and sheep in the city of Jaipur. He is a passionate soul and carrying out this job individually except  some help that he received from the local residents and the authorities during rescue work.  Till now more than 300 animals have been rescued through him from the  nearby villages. He has also saved a lot of animals from being slaughtered  in the past . He receive calls from the local people on daily basis and he is always on his toes to help these animals.

Currently doing the rescue work from his own pockets the difficulty that he is facing  is the lack of awareness in people towards the issue of animals. He believes people should be more sensitive and devote their life wholeheartedly  towards them.

Kapil could be reached for help at: 9928389266

Sahil Jain – Started Ek Shuruaat for the welfare of cows in Delhi 

An entrepreneur   by profession Sahil started an individual initiative towards cows welfare in the year 2014 when he first time visited a Gaushala and saw more than 100 cows over there. He observed that a lot of cows were injured and paralysed. This affected him deeply and he thought of raising hand towards the cause. Initially started with 50 kg chara for these cows now he is giving almost 2000 kg chara per visit.

He is soon going to start his own cow shelter and is receiving help from lot of people for the  land and finances for this cause.  He says “People ask me that why I am going to that particular gaushala  its because till now nobody is volunteering for this. Being a human, it is easy for us to earn means of living but impossible for other species. 

You can reach to Sahil at: 9650026264 

Satbir  Multani – Helping to feed the stray dogs in Bangalore 

Since the last 3 years Satbir, an IT professional  is working towards the cause of street dogs in the city of Bangalore. He has started a feeding programme in his neighbourhood for almost 22 dogs and takes care of their food , medicine and treatment. It is not only his own area that he carry out the rescue work but also help dogs from different areas that were reported to him through phone call.

He spends almost Rs 90,000  every year from his salary  for the betterment of these animals and sometimes receive the help from Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre in Bangalore during the rescue operations.

The  kind of response that he has received is mixed wherein some people appreciated him some turned out to be abusive.

He says that the major challenge that he face is “Lack of properly run Animal Birth Control programs which are supposed to be run by municipal corporations. I visited a govt clinic once where dogs were being operated. Rusted scalpels and scissors were used to cut the dogs open.” 

Contact Satbir at:

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