How these girls are solving the mental health problems of the youth

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Espoir, a project started by Mandira Srivastava, Nafisa Singh and Kanika Singh aims to improve the mental well-being of the youth by creating awareness  on the issues and helping them out. Espoir (a French word for hope) intends to create awareness about mental health,  illness and well-being.

The reason behind starting Espoir  was as stated by Mandira “All of us have a different past, a bit troubled, and at times totally falling apart. Having gone through some psychological and emotional turbulences, we understand the mental situations of people, to quite a great extent. We intend to guide, help, motivate and support whosoever is in need”.

Mental disturbances and illness have always been stigmatized. Due to stigma associated with mental health, not everyone is open about it and willing to seek help. However on this platform one can approach anonymously with them through page.

Through this page the youth who is suffering from any mental problems such as stress, relationships, depression and tensions can share their problems and the team of Espoir will reply by giving the solution to them. The team has divided the solutions into 5 segments ranging from relationships problems, emotional problems, stress etc. They have a specialized team of psychologists that help the people to deal with their problems.

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Kanika tells that during the teenager stage the youth has no one to guide them, they feel helpless and often indulge into wrong things. So if someone can help and guide them then their problems can easily be solved and less stress will be prevalent in their life.

These people are not here to make any kind of profit. They are here to create awareness and help each other out. And if by doing so,  they can make even a miniscule difference to anyone’s life, they  feel glad to do so. Someone’s smile or appreciation or kind words are what they earn. They wish to be the silver lining of someone’s life when people think that there are only dark clouds.

Talking about the future plans of the organization Nafisa says that they hope to have various Espoir centers  in different parts of the country through which they will be able to spread the helping hand. She says that as workforce will increase they will plan out activities and events to help the masses at large.

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