How this pet lover has started a What’s App group to help the pets in Mumbai

Nirmal Biswas

Nirmal Biswas is an avid animal lover.  At his hometown in Rourkela  he used to had 6 dogs, 2 Cats, 6 Pigeons, 20 Rabbits, and Hens who would lay eggs, tortoise, and fishes. His farm house at Rourkela was known as a Mini Zoo.

Currently residing at Kopar Khairaine, since the past 2 years, he has started a WhatsApp group along with his few pet lover friends which are named  Kopar Khairaine pet lovers group which has pet lovers across  the localities of Kopar Khairaine and Navi Mumbai. When he had shifted to Kopar Khairaine he used to take his dogs Bobo and Lasa for walks to a garden behind his place. There he met people like Vikram who had a German shepherd, Radhika who had an 8-year-old Labrador named as Rock, and 8 to 10 people who had Labradors, Lasa’s German Shepherds.

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That’s when Nirmal, Vikram, Shyam and few of his friends decided to make a Whatsapp Group sensitize people about pets and the group is very active now. If any stray animals such as cats, dogs or birds need to rescue their group is always there to help. With this Whatsapp group since the last two years, 50 Dogs have been rescued.

As Nirmal says “People have college friends groups, work groups, we have a Pets Group. They would meet in the Mornings and the Evenings with all their dogs.

Nirmal Biswas Pet Lovers Group

Once a month they have a get-together, the group has 30+ odd members and 40 Dogs as Nirmal Says “In June I had celebrated Bobo’s 3rd Birthday, so we had 25 odd people from the group at my place”. “We also go out for Picnics and mainly look for a Pool side place for the dogs”. They organize small events like meetups, dogathon etc to boost these dogs.

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Nirmal had previously worked with IDA, World for All, and Animal Care and tells that there is a very bad plight of stray dogs in the country.  Talking about the  future plans and the main objective of his Pet lovers group that is they have spoken to the local corporator and are hopeful that they shall get a space which shall be utilized to make a dog park and if they get good sponsors they should start one soon for the stray dogs also.

To connect with Nirmal call at –  9930400560

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