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I am Aarti Naik, aged 24, a daughter, a slum girl, a change maker. Five years back my life was as stinking as any another slum girl’s would have been in Mulund region of Mumbai, where the parents are under the poverty line who don’t have money to fill their basic needs of life forget about educating a child and that too a Girl Child. To add to my trouble was my failing in my board exams. This failure was a complete change over for my destiny when after performing badly it was very difficult to continue studying further due to my parents poor financial situation. It was tough time in my life to move ahead.

Sitting at home for almost three years doing the household chores, the thought of studying kept hovering my mind and one day I convinced my parents to give board exams again. To much of my surprise I scored well and that day a thought struck me that gave birth to “SAKHI”, an initiative started by me to provide education to slum girls. I realized that when I was struck in a situation where I want to study I was helpless so there are other girls too in my community who might face the similar condition. That day onward my journey to educate the slum girls started.


(During 2008 ) Now the first challenge for me was to convince the parents of these girls which is a difficult task as most of the people in slum community does not consider Education of Girl Child good. I excelled and have managed to enroll girls from the community.

My first financial assistance came from the fellowship money I got from “Ashoka ‘s Youth Venture” in 2008. Then I also got support from Daya Trust to run Girls Learning Center specially for my slum based girls. On a personal front I have started with an English Books Library and Girls Savings Program. Much to my deliberate initiatives I am still facing problems in terms of money for girls learning space on rent basis in slum area, buying stationary materials, books and funds for the girls life skills building. It’s a plea to the world to support my venture of Educating Girl Child as this can bring a change to thousands of young girls who want to study and can bring a change to the society. It’s you the well offs who can support girls so do support me by sending stationary, books and funds.

My goal of life is that to build the capacity of my slum based girls, so every slum girl will able to continue her school confidently with quality learning. After school time, they should have safe and quality learning space at their own slum community.

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Phone no –  9221007606

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