How an App created by I Support Foundation is giving hope to the parents of Autistic Kids

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Due to lack of awareness people undergoing autism as well as the parents and siblings of the autistic kids had to suffer a lot at the hands of the society. To eradicate such kind of problems and troubles the I Support Foundation Team and volunteers(Anil, Juhi, Karthikeyan, Utkarsh,Divya,Vandhana, Ajitesh, Ramya, Nitish, Praveen, Swamy, Rajiv, Thanushree, Ikshit, Arvindra, Arun, Rashmi, Devendran, Supreeta, Nidya, Atul, Preethika, Raja, Jyoti) have developed an autistic app in Bangalore which is a repository of resources such as special schools, paediatricians, psychologists, hospitals, and more. It also provides tips on managing support for autism. The app, which is one of a kind, hopes to connect parents and resources and tell those who are struggling with caring for autism that they are not alone; help is just a click away.

The app is developed after a thorough research of five years and is an application with information on all about Autism and resources available for Autistic children in Bangalore, India’. This application is very handy, easy with everyday use by parents to make autistic children life better.

Motivation behind the app:

Shivam, the younger brother of Bobby Ramani (Founder, I Support Foundation) and Juhi (Co-Founder)now 19 years old had all normal sequences and interests till he was 3. Infected by typhoid at only 3 years of age, Shivam is now Autistic and non-verbal. At 3 years of age after turning to be autistic he used to be lost in his own world with the inability to recognize his own family members. His Autism has made him phobic to heights, making him especially fearful of staircases. Like every Autistic child, his interest span regarding an activity is limited; but he has a growing love towards traveling and cooking.

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Shivam had less interest in academics but the family always made sure he got basic training of holding a pencil correctly, using the toilet, interaction with the guests, dining etiquettes and training him in accordance to his interest i.e. he was keener towards cooking as he is a foodie. But the most important and grueling part was to teach him to be patient. He turned out to be an avid learner, showing his brilliance at iPad games, knows sorting, colour combinations, shapes, binding, cooking. The family have regular visits for him to theatre, malls, games arena. He is well trained and have showed brilliant results managing the daily routine activities- shaving, brushing, taking bath, using lift buttons, using gadgets, calculator and laptop.

The only thing which worked out for Shivam’s progress is early intervention, accepting the fact of him being autistic and working on his vocational training. It took Bobby and Juhi 16years to have him learn this and his cooperation to learn the same.

Challenges Faced during the App Development

The team had faced couple of challenges in collecting the data, visiting schools, locating the centres on Google map and getting the precise data to be useful. Apart from Having a full-fledged application requires funding to outsource it; irrespective of waiting and getting it build by outsource vendor, the team themselves started and used their expertise of creating an application- starting from planning about the need of the app, designing, coding and post releasing it.

Managing Funds

“We manage the expenses and run the school through individual
contributions by volunteers and my family. We’ve raised funds through Bangalore Marathon and will be using the same for opening a school in Bangalore soon.” Says Bobby Ramani, Founder-Director I Support Foundation

Future Goals

The team will be enhancing the app and its features by adding live chats, portal to share the success stories of the parents /siblings/friends of the autistic kids as well as helpline number to assist the people.

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