13 Devastating Pictures Of Italy Earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has struck in Central Italy. This catastrophe has left 37 people dead, and 150 are still missing. Rescuers are trying their best to reach survivors. This earthquake has caused vast destruction and many buildings in town were reduced to rubble. We wish for the speedy recovery of the victims of the earthquake.

Look at the devastating pictures of this havoc.

1. The earthquake brings several historic buildings to ground.


2. The worst impact of earthquake was in small remote towns.

3. Buildings in the town of Amatrice have damaged.


4. Many buildings were reduced to rubble.

5. Victims are under rubble, and there has been a large-scale destruction.

6. Sniffer dogs amidst debris for signs of life.


7. Rescuers have been trying everything to reach survivors.


8. There are screams of children and women all over.

9. Someone said, “The roads in and out of towns are cut off, half the town is gone.”

10. Rescuers, trying to dig out a 58-year-old man who was stuck in his house.

11. At least 37 people were found dead and 150 are still missing.

12. The streets were left in ruins.

13. The cost of human life is becoming clear.


Story & Image Source: Wittyfeed

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