The Chairperson of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School started Navsrijan to impart education to the marginalized kids in Lucknow

Anjali Jaipuria

Anjali Jaipuria, the chairperson of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Lucknow began with Navsrijan in 2009. Navsrijan is an English medium educational initiative for the underprivileged children to discover their potential and provides free worthy education to lead them towards a brighter future. Navsrijan uses the premises of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School in Lucknow .

It is during her school visits when she and the former principal of the school felt the need of providing the education to the deprived people of the society . She says that “We thought that the children coming to the school belong to the educated masses but what about those who are living on the margins,” .This aspired her to bring a change to the society as they are also the upcoming youth of India and she took an initiative to known as Navsrijan.

The difficult task began when she had to convince the parents to send the children to the school. The boys are the mode of employment for these families whereas the girls hold disadvantage of being educated as it is an obstacle in their marriage, various backward families believe in “Pardah System” which doesn’t permit sending girls for education.

Anjali Jaipuria lucknow

Another problem was to find its funds as it’s completely run by Anjali Jaipuria and with the support of her friends and the family members through which they are providing the basic necessities of mid-day meal, stationary, extra curricular like public speaking, dance and drumming etc to these kids.

“My friends are the best blessings of God as they motivate me by giving their contribution to Nav Srijan to let the great cause going. The students of Seth M.R.Jaipuria have taken an initiative to set up canteens in school premises where they raise funds for their needy buddies and they also organize dandiya nights to raise the funds ”, says Anjali Jaipuria.

Within the time span of six years she is able to provide free education to 250 under privileged children. The school began with one teacher and successfully the number of educators has risen to thirteen teachers.

The students prevail both curricular and co-curricular which is the key to their successful nevertheless they are also provided with the vocational training like, advanced computer classes, spoken English, culinary and carpentry. Recently the school has registered under the society, Teachers without borders.

“My dream is to provide quality education to at least 3,600 children, to the capacity of the mainstream school”, says Anjali Jaipuria.

She wants to inculcate this great cause of the society which will help her receive more funds. Her vision is to make the children aware of the various bounties around us and wish that someday these children can touch a rainbow in the sky.

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To connect with Anjali Jaipuria and Navsrijan: 8177000429

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