How his brother’s death made him start CAN Youth for the school dropouts in Nagaland


Jenpu Rongmei, born and brought up in Dimapur, Nagaland was always active in school, good in studies, like to dance and sing, friends and teachers like him so much and always dream to become Navy Officer but unfortunately my dream could not reached to its destination as he had to leave school after appearing class XII Exam due to financial constraint in his family.

“My dad was alcoholic, my mom was a victim of domestic violence, I along with my two brothers  drop out from school, my younger brother who could not control his frustration started taking drugs and lost his precious life, my eldest brother became hopeless and I was confuse with my life but the death of my brother wakes me up to think that life is not only about rich, money and highly qualification beyond that there are is another life a life of loving people, giving hope, a life of becoming meaning to someone who needed care.”

He looked around the world, the people, his community, his  place and saw that  there are thousands of young people living with frustration, drop out from school/colleges due to poverty, due to problems in families and make them opportunity less, platform less, discrimination by the educated people and thus this young people tempted to involve in anti-social activities and thus started CAN Youth in 2010.

Through CAN they engage this section of youth (drop out students) in different activities, event and other social programs to make them feel that life has a lots of positive things, to make them feel that they are important person and slowly they identified their skill and according to that they send them for different skill & vocational training to make them entrepreneur as well as for their livelihood. It also has its initiative project Care & Hope a home based care support which provides education and nutrition to children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and affected by drugs abuse and alcoholic parents from downtrodden families.

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Talking about the challenges they faced is that of Financial resources, like other state Nagaland doesn’t have Companies, corporate and agencies which can support through CSR, they have to rely on the Government which Government cannot see all the problems as Nagaland is depending state to central.

“I face in my work as many youth who are drop out from schools/colleges  who doesn’t want to expose their identity, they feel fear of being rejected and discriminated, society and community and even Government doesn’t have much concern for this section.”

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Currently 44 Volunteers from colleges  have joined his cause and the organization has name them ‘Young Agents’. Villages Chief  known as Goan Bura has declared to support the cause and even contributing financial for entrepreneurship program in  two adopted villages. The organization is engaged with 25 children (infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and affected by drugs abuse and alcoholic parents) and 37 Youth (Drop out students), along with 200 youth who are drop out from school/colleges.

His future Plans is to start a Skill Resource Centre, reaching out to 500 drop out students by 2020 to support education and provide skill training according to their interest and train skills to 100 girls for entrepreneurship.

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    Jan 12, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    Thank you for recognizing Jenpu’s work and his conviction to make a difference through his life story. He is truly an amazing man with principles and has virtues which gives hope to people he comes in contact with. I am very fortunate myself to have known him and be part of his journey for change.

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