Jyoti Gulati Started Mums At Work As a Coaching Platform For Mothers who are Entrepreneurs

In today’s scenario women are working and proving their metals in the corporate world . They are successful entrepreneurs and are gaining success in whichever field they are working. But when it comes to family life it has been observed that most of the  working women are struggling between the balance in their working life as well as with their kids life. Jyoti Gulati was one such mother who was a successful working women  for 20 long years. She was excelling into her career but what was getting away from her was the bliss and enjoyment of motherhood.


Due to work and official commitments she had to stay away from her family and what used to hurt her was the fact that she was not able to present at home sometimes during her child’s birthday. This created a sense of alienation from her family as well as her husband. A lot of tensions and stress started emerging in her family life. Her children started feeling a sense of lost connection from her as she used to be only their to keep her kids on bed at night and due to this a distance and a feeling of separation was there between Jyoti as well as her kids. Even the relationship with her husband too started dismantling with fights becoming a significant part of their everyday life.

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Seeing this Jyoti finally quit her job and started indulging into her kid’s life . The first time when she went to pick her kids from school it was like a precious jewel to her and the feeling of happiness was just amazing. But deep inside Jyoti’s heart she was missing her working life . Taking up all this as a source of inspiration Jyoti started Mums At Work which is a coaching platform and business Counselling Programme specially based with the confidence of all the working mothers who want to be entrepreneurs.

They help in dealing with the problems of women professionals and give them a place where they could easily and successfully learn the power of entrepreneurship and can strike a balance between their family life as well as their working life.

Today Jyoti is a successful Mumpreneur and she is enjoying her life as now she is their for her kids whenever they fell ill, have their birthdays, performances, competitions etc. At the same time Jyoti has turned out to be a successful business women entrepreneur.

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