Over 600 women have been rescued from violence by this woman and her team


Rangu Souriya in her 40s and living in Panighatta Tea Estate of Siliguri, is fighting against trafficking of women and children with all the blood in her veins. Without giving a second thought to her career and personal well being, she is committed to rescue those who are on the verge of getting trafficked or has already been trafficked. She poses the bold question of whether in actuality the civilization is progressing in terms of gendered perception and sexist action. She says many women and girls are still being trafficked and being forced to prostitution. Hence she strongly says that we can defy the proposition.

Since the economic condition of those living in villages and Tea Gardens is unpromising, women and girls are easily lured to bogus assurance of jobs in metros. Very often small children are trafficked, and the parents themselves sometimes sends them to work, consequences of which many a times turns fatal for the little girls who are uncertain of what’s happening.

Inspired by her mother’s activity and commitment towards society, Miss Rangu knew very early that what she shall be doing in future. Even in her childhood days when she saw her classmates not possessing essential things as bags and stationeries, she turned to her seniors and parents for help, collected funds and bought her classmates what they needed.

Once when she was in her home, she heard that from a place near to her home, a 13 year old girl was taken by a person who was supposed to get her a job but had gone untraceable. Ever since then, she says she hasn’t stopped her work, and after founding Kanchenjungha Uddar Kendra in 2004, she and her team has rescued as many as 600 women and underage girls, who were being trafficked.

Being a woman herself, she says she cannot relish what life has to offer when a huge number of women are not given their share of economic freedom and dignity, where women’s bodies are sold, and are treated as mere biological structures, consisting flesh and bones but not a mind which seeks freedom.

When asked about how she and her team manage funds, she says, it is very difficult when it come to funds. Even in the presence of immense desire to help women, if there are not enough funds, the work has to be halted. But despite of such hardship she is consistently rescuing women, with her own fund or sometimes funds provided by well wisher.

She said it is heart breaking when a rescued women is not accepted by her society, when she is thought as a polluted being. It is very hard for women too when her own people rejects her, even when she returns after seeing much of miseries. Thus she dreams of establishing a home for those who are rescued where they will be given skills so as to earn themselves bread and dignity. The major challenge that she is facing is that there is no shelter home in the city.

She further said that it is not only her duty to save women from trafficking, but it is the obligation of each one of us. Thousands of women gets trafficked every year, we have stop it, by doing our own share of duty and responsibility. She needs immense help, and to do so contact her.

To connect Rangu: 09832345658, 07586906098

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Gunjan Rana

Gunjan Rana, lives in Darjeeling and did a Post Graduation on Rural Development. Having a flair for writing he is currently bringing the stories from the hilly terrain of West Bengal and nearby places.