This Delhi University student is providing quality education to the slum children

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To help others or to contribute towards society is the motive of Nupur’s life. As she started  with YOUNG ASSOSIATION (a nonprofitable organization), in August 2014, where with the team of volunteers she used to educate slum children. She worked there as a Vice president of Slum Department till April 2015.

Nupur said, ” Since my childhood I always wanted to do some social work and help the needy ones. It was my Dream. I always want to be a Helping hand for this society.” And with this vision, she volunteered and inaugurated LECIN (LETS EDUCATE CHILDREN IN NEED) in May 2015, where they are covering two slums, i.e. Okhla and Indraprastha. She along with other volunteers visit the slum twice a week, to teach children with their academic syllabus. They teach them through  the use of fascinating tools like Board, books, laptops etc.

She says people always support her and parents feel happy and free from tension for their children. They always encourage them. Lots of blessings and appreciation are the return gift for her.

While talking about the things, she has done for the children, she says, ” Whatever is done by me, will always be less in my eyes because I just want to do everything for them. So far  they have helped children to score well in exams and made them visit to Ramanujan College where they performed cultural activities ( Poem recitation, Dance, skit). We organize a painting/ drawing competitions every month and distribute gifts to the winners and workshops on various topics like, Moral values, importance of education in one’s life, health and hygiene.

Recently  they have organized a workshop on computers, some teachers and students of Computer Department, Ramanujan College accompanied them for the same. They took laptops to the slum and taught them the basic things about computers.”

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She says, ” Arranging funds is not a big issue for us, we have an offline registration form of 30rs /- so whenever a new volunteer joins us, he /she pays the fee or extra money as a donation, this is how we raise funds for our events.

All volunteers contribute if  they need more funds.” To register LECIN as an NGO is the future plan of Nupur. As LECIN is just  an organization of students, who are working for the betterment of the society she wants to expand this and cover more slums and orphanages to educate children so that her baby steps towards the society can bring a huge positive change.

To connect with Nupur- 8826578917

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Nisha Dagar

Nisha Dagar, is currently a student of Delhi University and is a writer with keen interest towards the society. Having worked with lot of social causes in the past she is bringing the stories of ChangeMakers from Delhi.