His idea helped in providing over 35,000 meals to the underprivileged people across the country


Everyday on the streets you are able to catch the glimpse of people asking for alms to buy some food for themselves. Little street children into the windows of the classy restaurants and cafes to get at least one loaf of the food that you are eating. Though it appears to be a pitiable sight and some of us do offer some money or buy food for these people, yet how many of us really take out time for them from our busy schedules and start an initiative to feed these homeless and underprivileged people.

Harshil’s Idea

This software engineer from Bangalore had some other plans in his mind. After coming back from office, unlike others who want to relax and sit and eat food with family Harshil contributed his time towards building the cause of feeding these people. In October 2015 Harshil Mittal along with his friends Selina Elias, Rishiom Shah and Ashutosh Sharma started Let’s  Feed Bangalore, a volunteer group that strives to spread love and joy among people who live in the under-privileged areas of Bengaluru, through their monthly food drives, education and awareness sessions, dental check-ups and biannual clothes and books donation drives.


How it started?

Initially, they started on a very small scale. “We told residents of our own society about the concept and asked them whether they would be interested in participating. We were surprised to find that more than 90% of the people we approached were enthusiastic about the idea and were willing to participate. We collected the food and distributed it in Tilak Nagar. We fed about 40 people that day. It was our first drive. We are growing by leaps and bounds now. Thanks to the amazing support we are receiving from the cities.” told Harshit

The organization has a strict “No Money Policy”and ask the people to prepare one extra meal that can be collected by the volunteers and will be distributed to the needy. Every time before the drive, a proper survey team is sent to the site to check whether the site actually is about the needy people or not. Once the things are confirmed a drive is carried out to that particular site. Eat Fresh also join hands with the organization and helped them with food containers during the drives.


Till now more than 35,000, meals have been distributed by the organization and had covered more than 70% of the areas of Bangalore that require food. In the upcoming Daan Utsav, the enthusiastic team members aspires to distribute 2 lakh meals from October 2nd to October 8th as a part  of Joy of Giving week.


Presence in different parts of the country

Apart from the presence in Bangalore it has started expanding its reach to the cities like Pune, Anantpur and Chennai. It also carry out the dental education drive which includes dental checkups(or screenings) and educating the kids on the basics of good dental practices. They have reached approximately to 1500 kids through education and awareness sessions.

Future Plans and Rebranding of the Organization

Talking about the future plans of the organization Harshil told us that “Let’s Feed Bengaluru is Let’s Spread Love now. Or more accurately Lets Feed Bengaluru is an initiative under Lets Spread Love. Yes, it is the same team, working for a greater change in the society. Lets Spread Love will involve the following programs as well. Let’s Feed Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Anantpur Awareness, Education and Life Skills Sessions, Skill Development for Employment Generation, Random Acts of Kindness, Dental/Health Checkup

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