Love Matters intensifies conversations around breaking the stereotypes against women

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8th March is recognised worldwide as Women’s International Day. To drive an open honest and non judgemental conversation around Women’s sexuality, Love Matters organised an Open Mic session in Delhi’s ‘Office Office’ The aim was to give out positive messages and bring out the topic in open through art, spoken word, poetry and stories.

Through this open mic, Love Matters celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political empowerment of women in India. The purpose was to get together and speak eulogies celebrating women empowerment. What remain unrecognised often are the pleasure positive sexual expressions of women. Women’s right to their sexuality is as important as the other aspects like politics, economy, culture, society and life itself. The event came across as a great platform for likeminded women to share their thoughts and experiences.

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The special attraction for the evening were Anu Singh Choudhary, a journalist, writer, filmmaker and the co-founder of Dopamine Media and Entertainment, Gayathri Sreedharan, a researcher and aspiring true crime-writer and Nitika Babbar who is a professional artist; she showcased some of her brilliant work at the event and the populous response to her intricate abstract depiction of different aspects of a woman was heart-warmingly appreciative.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day Vithika Yadav, Head of Love Matters India said “To advance gender equality and to be more precise, to advance women’s equality in India (and around the world), we need to focus on female education, health, protection from violence and equal opportunities. It also has to be not just about primary or high school education but higher education that has huge implications on female financial inclusion in the economy. It is gender equity that will lead to gender equality. It means implementing strategies that can address the discrimination that women and girls face in every aspect on their life, every single day and providing equal opportunities and an eco-system that is supportive of all without any discrimination. And ensuring this is everyone’s responsibility.”

The platform by Love Matters called ‘Claiming the Space: Women, Sexuality and Pleasure!’ celebrated what it means to being a woman where there was freedom to express with no judging, where people were there to listen and be heard broke the stereotypes attached to the freedom a woman has had to fight for. The idea behind the open mic event was to start a dialogue and help normalize conversations around sex for women and talk about respect and consent.

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