Maharashtra Village Crowdfunds Wedding As Family Struggled To Arrange Cash After Demonetisation


The rangolis and pandal that adorn the verandah of the Bagal household in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur be lie the impact of demonetization on a wedding in the family. The festivities for this family from Yalgud village came to an abrupt halt when the government announced the withdrawal of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes this month.

The family had savings in the bank but could not use it for their daughter Sayali’s wedding which is scheduled for Wednesday in Kolhapur.

That is why villagers, friends and relatives queued up at banks to withdraw small amounts that helped crowdfund Sayali’s wedding. Village camaraderie saved the day for the family as it began wedding festivities with the haldi ceremony on Tuesday. Sayali, a BA, B.Ed student, was jubilant that her trousseau and gifts have all been arranged in time.

“This wedding has brought our family and friends closer. It is a blessing for all of us,” she said.

Sayali’s father Sambhaji, a farmer, said that her marriage to a shop owner in Karad was fixed around three months ago.

“We were stunned and the situation at home was almost chaotic when demonetization was announced…we did not want a grand occasion, just a simple and graceful wedding for our daughter. But we were afraid to even that would not happen,” he said.

Originally Published in the India Times

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