A Man died due to heart attack in the ATM line, but people remained standing in the line


In a shocking incident a man in Hooghly standing in the ATM line was succumbed to death due to suffering with heart attack, but the people standing in the line silently watched over his demise without moving an inch forward to save him.

In this era of demonetisation people have become so inhumane that they could not help the person thinking about losing their place in line to get their hard earned money. The dead body lied for half an hour when the guard of the ATM happened to see no movement in the body and hired an auto rickshaw and took the man to the hospital where he was declared dead by the doctors.

The name of the name was Kallol Raichowdhury and he was a government servant who came to withdraw some money from the SBI ATM and suddenly felt pain in chest and collapsed on the ground. But no one standing over took any effort to save the man or took him to the medical faculties. Later, from the details gathered at the place helped in informing his family members.

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