Meet The 68-Year-Old ‘Matkaman’ Who Quenches Thirst Of Delhi’s Poor In Scorching Summer

He wakes up around 4.30 am every day, but instead of a morning walk, he gets into his specially modified car to deliver water around the Capital.

It takes 68-year-old Alag Natarajan, an hour and a half to fill the 60-plus matkas he has placed in and around South Delhi so that thirsty passersby and the poor get easy access to clean drinking water.

No surprise that this retired gent who lives in South Delhi’s Panchsheel Park has earned the epithet, the ‘matkaman’ of Delhi.

Natarajan, an engineer who returned to India in 2005 after spending over 32 years in London, says it was a brush with colon cancer that changed his mindset.

Originally published on India Times
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